Amazing Grace for Married Couples (Ascension Press)


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Every marriage hits rough spots. The question is, how will you face those challenges? Amazing Grace for Married Couples features stories of couples who faced what seemed like insurmountable challenges, but through the grace of God found the strength and love to become closer than ever before.

In these pages, you will meet:

  • A husband and wife whose mutual infidelities threatened to tear their marriage apart.
  • A materialistic couple whose professional success could not fill the emptiness of their hearts.
  • A marriage that began lovingly but nearly ended in divorce as a result of a gambling addiction.
  • A husband whose addiction to pornography devastated his wife and family.

These powerful stories of redemption truly celebrate marriage as a covenant of God’s love. They will fill your heart with hope and give you the faith to persevere in times of difficulty. Experience the amazing renewal God can work in the lives of ordinary couples


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