Amazing Grace for Survivors (Ascension Press)


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“For when I am weak, then I am strong.” —2 Corinthians 12:10

As Christians, we recognize that life’s struggles can bring us strength and peace even if the challenges remain. This means that surviving is more than merely getting through an ordeal; it is being triumphant in spirit, regardless of the outcome.

In Amazing Grace for Survivors, you will witness God’s power as he forms and strengthens ordinary people who faced extraordinary circumstances. You will experience the pain in these stories and share the glory of their triumph. In the end, their grace becomes yours, for we are one body in Christ.

In Amazing Grace for Survivors, you will meet:

  • A man with cancer whose fear of dying teaches him how to live
  • A disabled girl who comes to understand that all life is precious
  • A woman who fights to adopt her son from Vietnam, and then fears she only brought him home to die
  • A heartbroken mother that learns to trust that her autistic son is in God’s hands
  • A mother that hunts down her drug-addicted daughter and brings her home


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