Catechism of the Catholic Church, Ascension Edition (Leatherlike Cover with Chart) (CCC)


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This version of the Catechism contains:

  • Carefully designed pages to make the majestic truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith  readable, organized, and inviting
  • An original and specially designed color-coded approach that helps readers understand how everything in the Catechism is connected together
  • The Catechism at a Glance Chart woven within the text to show how the Catechism is structured and where to find key teachings of the Catholic Faith
  • Highlighted keywords and visual references that help Catholics quickly identify major truths and easily find their place within the big picture of the Catechism
  • Dozens of callout boxes to highlight the books of Sacred Scripture and the writings of the Church that are the basis for the Catechism’s teachings
  • An exclusive, never-before-seen appendix, “Sources from Scripture and the Church,” with a clear introduction to hundreds of sources in the Catechism


With a beautiful design to reflect the profound beauty of the Faith, this edition of the Catechism adorns the treasures of the Church’s wisdom with:

  • A smooth, white, leatherlike cover
  • Dazzling gold foil stamping
  • 4 silky, color-coded ribbons


This remarkable book, formed by Holy Scripture and 2,000 years of Church Doctors, scholars, and theologians, helps Catholics achieve the ultimate goal of their faithful life on earth—to know, love, and serve God to be in union with him in heaven.


Understand the Catechism and the Catholic Faith like never before.


Every purchase of the Ascension Edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church includes a free Catechism at a Glance Chart!



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