Catholicism: The New Evangelization – Study Program (Leader’s Guide) By Bishop Robert Barron + Prayer Card


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Myths, legends, symbols, and literary devices have no place in the Catholic Faith. It’s about an encounter so powerful that you want to tell the entire world about it. It is a meeting with Jesus Christ.

Throughout history, the call of Christ has sent people to the farthest reaches of the earth with a message of great joy, a message that has built civilizations, inspired cultures, and even sent some to prisons and graves.

We are all called to the same thing, and that is the New Evangelization.

This new documentary series from Bishop Barron’s Word On Fire continues the story of CATHOLICISM and investigates the Church’s mission as well as the challenges of modern culture.

With the original CATHOLICISM series, Bishop Barron took us on a journey around the world deep into the Faith. Now, experience this Faith in action in CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization.

The Catholicism New Evangelization Leader’s Guide includes:


  • Facilitator guide
  • Six Lessons
  • Answer Key
  • Plus Prayer card



A brief description of the six lessons can be found below:

Lesson One: “Introduction”

“What is the New Evangelization?”, “Why is it worthwhile?”, and “How does one do it?” Father Barron explains how the concept of a “new” evangelization began to take shape in the second Vatican Council.

Lesson Two: “New Ardor”

New enthusiasm, new energy and renewal from Holy Spirit constitute “new ardor.” Fr. Barron takes us behind the scenes at World Youth Day and shows us other energetic examples of new ardor. The deepest source of Christian ardor is the reality of the resurrection, which fuels us to actively reach out in love to others with the “Good News.”

Lesson Three: “New Expressions–Part I

Lesson Four: “New Expressions–Part II

It’s not an expression of a different truth, but the same truth proclaimed and lived by Christ, that we have to express in a different cultural setting. Fr. Barron explains why secularism is on the rise: Confusion about who and what God is; Trying to fill human longing for God with the temporal and materials things of this world; and Relativism that purports that there is no objective truth.

Lesson Five: “New Methods”

Fr. Barron calls for using the means and methods of our time to evangelize. In today’s culture the Internet and social media plays a huge role. Fr. Barron encourages us all to use these new methods for the Lord. We all can give testimony to Christ by the methods we use to communicate and by how we live each day.


The New Evangelization Formation Program includes a sixth workshop-style session that guides participants in developing their own new evangelization action plan, either as individuals or as a Catholic group/parish. This section is based on selected clips from the interviews conducted for the series.


There is 2-DVD set which is optional for purchase, please do check it out with us.


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