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Dive into this illuminating study of King David by Bishop Robert Barron and Dr. Jacob Wood with this study guide, which will assist you in understanding King David and Christ as the fulfilment as the King of Kings.

The paradigmatic king of the Old Testament is King David. His kingship is reminiscent of Adam’s in the Garden, but it also points to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.

Bishop Barron, a renowned speaker, helps us understand this important and courageous man in light of the first king, and the King of Kings, in ‘David the King.’


The first king was Adam. He was the Garden of Eden’s steward. God appointed Adam to rule over the garden, but he failed to carry out his kingly duties.

Centuries later, David emerged as the king who would restore order in the Garden and bring the entire world under God’s control. But David stumbled. He, like his forefather, Adam, fell, and his reign was marked by a string of compromised kings and rejected prophets.

The New Testament, on the other hand, predicted a son of David who would comprehend the full scope of Israelite kingship… but whose actual reign defied expectation.

The story of King David leads us back to Adam’s kingship and forward to Christ the King, who is the fulfilment of the Davidic line and the realization of God’s Kingdom on earth.


Session Titles:


  1. The Law of the Gift
  2. Your Servant is Listening
  3. Warrior of God
  4. Gathered in Jerusalem
  5. The House of David
  6. Absalom, My Son!


There is 2-DVD set, Leader’s Guide, Called to Kingship booklet or 2-Samuel Book for purchase.

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