Everybody Has Something To Give (TOB For Kids)

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“Who leaves a gift unopened? We all tear the paper and peel off the tape. We can’t wait to see what’s inside!”

Introduce children to the beauty of giving and receiving. Everybody Has Something to Give affirms the dignity of every person in a fun and creative way, and teaches children how our bodies help us to give of ourselves, receive others, and open our hearts to Jesus.

About this Series:

“Who am I?” is a question everyone asks, even the very young.

Saint John Paul II spoke at length about this question in writings and teachings we now call the theology of the body. In a culture of confused and misdirected values, it is difficult to raise children to understand that they are created in the image of God. These books give parents and teachers a place to begin.

Building Blocks of TOB for Kids seeks to affirm the dignity of the human person — body and soul — according to God’s plan. Simple stories cover topics including gender identity, body language, and self-giving love.

Ideal for ages 4 – 7





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