The Great Adventure : God’s Plan in Scripture (GPS) Teacher’s Guide (Ascension Press)


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NOTE: The Teacher’s Guide is a key component of the God’s Plan in Scripture (GPS) program. To learn about the full program, click here.

The Teacher’s Guide provides leader’s guidance and structure for each of the twenty-four lessons of the God’s Plan in Scripture (GPS) program. It acts as the “conductor” for your program, helping you coordinate the other components and keep the lessons moving along smoothly. Each lesson includes a welcoming prayer, a review of the previous lesson, opening and closing activities, instructions on how to guide the readings, a suggested thematic snack, and a recommendation for an optional play (which can be found in the Plays). The Teacher’s Guide also includes answer keys to the questions in the workbooks.

● Lessons: 24

(Lesson one : Introduction to the Bible Story to

Lesson Twenty-Four : The Kingdom of God Is Eternal)


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