Good Leaders, Good Shepherds (Ascension Press)


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by Dick Lyles, Tim Flanagan, Susan Fowler, Drea Zigarmi

An Ideal Resource for Any Person Who Works in Ministry

Good Leaders, Good Shepherds is the fictional story of a priest who finds himself overwhelmed at a new pastoral assignment. With the help of two Catholic leaders, he discovers the God-given capacity to lead and shepherd his flock.

In these pages, priests, religious, and lay leaders will:

  • Find hope and confidence in their ministry
  • Discover an effective model of leadership that all church ministries can use
  • Understand how to productively work with different personality styles
  • Gain new insights into leading groups in a way that empowers their teams and gets results

Whether you are a pastor of many years, recently ordained, or a lay person who works for the Church, you will derive much benefit from the concepts taught in Good Leaders, Good Shepherds. Your leadership, your ministry, and your life will be rejuvenated and the kingdom of heaven will shine through your vibrant faith community.



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