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Develop a daily habit of prayerful conversation with the Lord with Pocket Guide to Prayer

Pocket Guide to Prayer is a beautiful, inspiring book written by Edward and Beth Sri, with contributor Fr. Mark-Mary Ames, CFR, that gives anyone confidence in knowing God and building a relationship with him. As an “on-ramp” into understanding the various tools for prayer that the Church offers us, this pocket guide will help Catholics build a fulfilled and deeply satisfying prayer life

This short but complete guide helps Catholics enter into prayer with more consistency and devotion. It empowers anyone on their faith journey to prioritize daily conversation with God.

Filled with insight on many facets of prayer, Edward and Beth with Fr. Mark-Mary show Catholics how to:

  • Get started with prayer
  • Understand vocal prayer, meditation, and contemplation
  • Learn how to respond to distractions, dryness, and other common struggles experienced in prayer without being discouraged
  • Shape their lives around a habit of prayer
  • Build a life of prayer in the family and the home
  • Understand popular devotions
  • And more!

Through practical tips and personal stories, Pocket Guide to Prayer empowers Catholics to approach the Lord in their daily life through prayer each and every day.


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