Praying Scripture for a Change: An Introduction to Lectio Divina (Ascension Press)


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If you’re looking to learn how to get the most out of prayer, this prayer book is indispensable.

As St. Augustine notes, When we pray, we speak to God; when we read Scripture, God speaks to us. The key to enriching our prayer is learning the language of Christianity, and the most effective way to learn the language of Christianity is an ancient technique known as lectio divina (“divine reading”).

In this introduction to lectio divinaby Tim Gray, Catholics learn…

  • How God speaks directly to each of us in Scripture.
  • How to overcome the obstacles to a consistent and fruitful prayer life.
  • Why the fourfold method of lectio divina leads us directly into the heart of contemplative prayer.
  • Strategies for reading—and praying—the Bible fruitfully.
  • What Christian meditation is and how it differs from non-Christian approaches.
  • How everyone—not just saints and mystics—can truly reach mystical union with God.

In this succinct prayer book, Catholic theologian and biblical scholar Dr. Tim Gray walks you through the Bible and the wisdom of the saints to reveal the practical steps of this great treasure of our Tradition. Learning the simple steps of lectio divina will provide a practical and effective way for you to enhance your prayer life through the power of God’s Word.

There is workbook for purchase too, please do check it out with us.


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