Receiving Jesus: My Guide to the Mass


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Help Children Feel Comfortable at Mass

For those of us who go to Mass often, it’s easy to forget just how intimidating it is for those who aren’t familiar with the liturgy. When do I sit, stand, and kneel? What do I say (and when do I say it)? If you aren’t familiar with these things, it’s easy to feel as though you stand out and don’t belong. But you do!

Receiving Jesus: My Guide to the Mass helps children become comfortable going to Mass by showing them not only when to sit, stand, and kneel and what to say but also why we do the things we do at Mass. They’ll learn about the roles of the different people they see at Mass, like the ushers, lectors, cantors, deacons, and priests. This is the perfect book for them to bring to Mass!

As they grow in understanding, their love for Christ and for the Mass will also grow deeper.

Ages 7-9


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