Reflections on the Mysteries of the Rosary


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With a reflection on each of the four mysteries of the rosary – Joyful, Light, Sorrowful, and Glorious – this book will help those praying the rosary find a focus for meditation. Each reflection contains a Scripture verse as well as background to understanding the biblical texts. With its twenty-first century relevance, this guide by Mark Boyer will bring readers to contemplate personal application of the mysteries. Enhance your garden of prayer” with Reflections on the Mysteries of the Rosary.

Mark G. Boyer is the author of 25books, has served as an associate pastor, high school and adult religious education teacher, and is a part-time instructor in New Testament in the Religious Studies Department of Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield. Among the books he has written are The Liturgical Environment, Mary’s Day – Saturday, Biblical Reflection on Male Spirituality, Baptized into Christ’s Death and Resurrection, and Waiting in Joyful Hope, published by Liturgical Press.


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