The Activated Disciple Challenge: DVD only (Ascension Press)


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This is the DVD set for The Activated Disciple. It contains all 18 sessions of the Activated Disciple Challenge. Each session is about 5 minutes long.

The Activated Disciple Challenge videos will help you to become more like Christ as you cultivate eight characteristics that are the most important in the life of a disciple.

These videos are just one part of the program. The Activated Disciple Challenge Guide contains the session overviews, lectio divina, check-ins, and daily reviews needed for each session.

Sessions included in this DVD set (all virtue sessions are two parts long):

  • Introduction
    Session 1 – Love
  • Session 2 – Forgiveness
  • Session 3 – Humility
  • Session 4 – Patience
  • Session 5 – Selflessness
  • Session 6 – Kindness
  • Session 7 – Attentiveness
  • Session 8 – Contrition
  • Conclusion

There is Challenge Guide Book, 40-Day Challenge Journal for purchase, please kindly check it out with us.


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