The Bible and the Virgin Mary : Journey Through Scripture (Leader’s Guide)


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This guide equips the group leader to facilitate with confidence and clarity by following simple step-by-step directives. The guide provides opening and closing prayers, introductions and conclusions, discussion questions, answers to review questions, reflections for participants, important background information, and other notes to help facilitators lead twelve engaging and theologically sound sessions. Beautiful sacred art and inspirational quotes from the saints and Scripture help leaders make the faith come alive for the participants in their study.


Lesson 1 A Biblical Introduction to Mary (27 min)
Lesson 2 Handmaid of the Lord (27 min)
Lesson 3 Wedding at Cana, Garden in Eden (23 min)
Lesson 4 The New Eve (28 min)
Lesson 5 The Ark of the New Covenant (26 min)
Lesson 6 Born of a Virgin (26 min)
Lesson 7 The Promised Mother (27 min)
Lesson 8 Mother Crowned in Glory (23 min)
Lesson 9 Full of Grace (22 min)
Lesson 10 All Holy (20 min)
Lesson 11 The Assumption (31 min)
Lesson 12 Always a Mother (25 min)


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