The Four Gospels : Catholic Personal Study Edition (Little Rock Scripture Study) LRSS


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The more we understand the four gospels ‘the distinct narrative and theological emphasis of each evangelist, the unique portrait of Jesus that each presents ‘the better we come to know Jesus. This knowledge, of course, is much more than an intellectual awareness or knowing about someone. When we enter into the gospels, we come to truly know Jesus the Christ in an intimate way. Through this volume readers will become familiar with the world in which Jesus lived, the cultural customs, the important geographic locations, the biblical terms familiar to first-century Christians but foreign to a contemporary audience. In addition to charts, maps, and photos, this study of the gospels provides an excellent Catholic perspective, answering such questions as: How is the Bible used in the liturgy? What is the connection between the gospels and Catholic social teaching?

The Four Gospels lends itself to both quick reference and more in-depth study or meditation. Whether you turn to the volume for personal use or as part of a formal study, you will appreciate the gospels more deeply ‘and know Jesus more intimately.


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