The Great Adventure : God’s Plan In Scripture (GPS) Bundle with Teacher’s Guide, Storybook, Chart & Bookmark (Ascension Press)


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The Storybook helps children and families learn the Bible together using the same color-coding and chronological approach as the adult Great Adventure Bible Timeline®. This beautifully illustrated resource introduces God’s love story to children while helping them to understand how the Church is Christ’s body on earth—and shows them what part they play in God’s glorious plan. Build a foundation of faith with your family today!

The Storybook:
● Connects the Bible with the Catholic Faith beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation.
● Guides the reader through selected Bible verses with Bible Reading Checklists.
● Ties in important elements of the Catholic Faith with helpful icons.

● Page count: 232
● 24 Chapters


The Teacher’s Guide provides leader’s guidance and structure for each of the twenty-four lessons of the God’s Plan in Scripture (GPS) program. It acts as the “conductor” for your program, helping you coordinate the other components and keep the lessons moving along smoothly. Each lesson includes a welcoming prayer, a review of the previous lesson, opening and closing activities, instructions on how to guide the readings, a suggested thematic snack, and a recommendation for an optional play (which can be found in the Plays). The Teacher’s Guide also includes answer keys to the questions in the workbooks.


The back of the Chart contains several important features, including

  • an explanation of how each person fits into the story of salvation history within the context of the Catholic Church,
  • a description of the six covenants, and
  • The Bible Timeline Prayer that is said using the Prayer Beads.

The color-coded bookmark is a scaled-down version of the Great Adventure Kids Bible Timeline Chart.

Not only can children use it to mark their spot in the Bible while reading, they can also use the symbols on the card to help them reference what period of salvation history they are reading about.

Age: 6 years and up


There is Bible Coloring Book, Intermediate Workbook for purchase too, please do check it out with us.


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