The Rapture Trap (Ascension Press)


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by Paul Thigpen

In The Rapture Trap, Dr. Paul Thigpen explains the biblical foundations of Catholic teaching on the final judgment. Drawing from Scripture and Tradition, The Rapture Trap reveals the shortcomings of the “rapture” doctrine and the larger tangle of unfounded religious teachings to which it’s tied.

In this book, Catholics discover…

  • The origins of the rapture theory and its theological flaws.
  • Why the rapture idea is so seductive and spiritually dangerous to Christians.
  • The subtle (and not-so-subtle) anti-Catholic agenda from promoters of the rapture doctrine.
  • What the Catholic Church teaches (and doesn’t teach) about the end of the world.
  • 11 insights the Church offers us about the second coming of Christ.
  • 13 guidelines for discerning the validity of claims to private revelation.
  • Five ways Catholic theologians interpret the Book of Revelation.
  • What the Church teaches about the Antichrist.


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