The Virgin Mary and Theology of the Body (Ascension Press)

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The Church’s Marian beliefs have constantly shed light on other teachings, and the Theology of the Body is no exception. In this compilation of essays, some of the world’s most foremost Mariologists and experts on the Theology of the Body share their insights on how Mary illuminates the message of the Theology of the Body in a profound way.

As the Mother of God, Mary provided Jesus with his body, a body that would be offered on the Cross for our redemption. She bore witness to his bodily resurrection and ascension, and she herself was assumed bodily into heaven. Through an understanding of Mary’s role in salvation history, we are able to see more clearly our personal roles in the Christian life.

In this book you will learn about:

  • The nuptial meaning of the body in the marriage of Joseph and Mary
  • The Immaculate Conception and the human person
  • The significance of Mary as virgin and mother
  • The Virgin Mary and the culture of life
  • The image of God in the image of Mary as model Christian


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